samedi 23 juillet 2016

One year spent discovering with you

One year ago, I began sharing with you all the small treasures I find every day in my small valley of the creek le Sant: butterflies, flowers, forests, Occitan proverbs… in the beautiful Black Mountain, south of France.
After 225 posts and 80000 visitors, we still have so many to discover together: trees, small villages, minerals, night skies, and more butterflies, flowers, mushrooms…
Let’s start the second year.

2 commentaires:

  1. Happy birthday, and congratulation for the first years' achievements. These posts and pictures brings a tiny parts of the valley to our villages and cities where we live.
    Have a nice continuation :), Tamas

  2. Just to say hello Tamas before having a walk in the forest where I meet Hilkka, Maria(s), Piotr, Marc, Steve and you, every day (The young spruces I gave the team's names...). Have nice holydays.