mardi 7 février 2017

Winter is winter

Val mai un lop dins lo troupèl qu'un mes de febrièr trop bèl
Better having a wolf in the herd than a nice month of February

We had frost these last weeks and now some rain. This is the right weather for the winter season in our latitudes. Cold in winter helps regulating all sorts of pathogens while snow and rain improve the levels of aquifers and limit the consequences of summer heat waves. Old proverbs issued by rural and farming societies often stress the need of long, cold and wet enough winters.
These people knew that life can be full of bad surprises and that we are lucky when we face one we can deal with. Indeed it is easier chasing a wolf than influencing short term weather stresses or dealing with climate change long term adverse effects.

Too nice winters lead, among other, to early blooming and losses of fruit in case of late frost. Their frequency is part of the scientific studies to assess how fast and deep the climate is changing.

So, waiting for better days and nice walks later that year, let’s watch a good film, read a good book or play a good game with relatives, friends or online…

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