mardi 25 juillet 2017

I have a dream

ruins in the Black Mountain South of France

Deep in the valley, surrounded by the forest, is an old house. It is reported in the Cassini map (1750) as being barns. Around 1900, at the time of electrification of French rural areas, the house was equipped with a small hydroelectric generator using the water of the creek next to the house. Even more than today, our ancestors already used renewable and clean sources of energy. The man made channels are still visible and I clean them every year to help our guests in the gîte when they come to discover the valley.
But I would like to do more.

If nothing is done, this nice romantic place will turn into a mountain of stones in the next decades, so I have a dream: before it is too late, I would like to renovate it into a Robinson cottage: wood, sun and/or water energy sourced, spring water for drinking, creek music to fall asleep and birds’ songs as an alarm clock, all the forest around and its biodiversity to enjoy.
All dreams cannot come true but what matters is having some and sharing them.

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