vendredi 9 décembre 2016

Green and peaceful

We are living in Verdalle area. Mentioned in 1153, the name of this village refers to a green place from the Occitan term verd (for green). This is still the case today and you can enjoy nice bocage sceneries with happy cows and resting calves.
Happy cows under the sun close to the Black Mountain, south of France
The Verdalle arms contain the cross of Raymond, Earl of Toulouse, a grey band for the creek Le Sant which crosses the area and a wolf. Indeed, wolfs lived in the Black Mountain until late 19th century and this wild animal is already on the blazon of the old family Loubens de Verdalle, known from 1096 when one of them participated to the first crusade. This family owned the castel of Loubens (small city around Toulouse) and built the castel of Verdalle beginning 17th century.
Close to the village is the church of St Jean (13th century) on the pilgrim route to St Jacques de Compostelle. 
Saint Jean church Verdalle South of France
Situated on the road between Castres and Revel, Verdalle, where shops and other new services are being offered to the inhabitants, is a vivid pleasant place to live and its population is growing (from 591 in 1975 to 1165 today) which is not so common in rural areas.

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