lundi 9 octobre 2017

Flying flower

Large white butterfly

Between two mushrooms, found these last days, here is Pieris brassicae, the large white, also called cabbage butterfly or cabbage white, on a Geranium nodosum.
The large white is common throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia and even through the Himalayas. Its migration patterns are typically observed only when there is a disturbance.
For both males and females, the wings are white with black tips on the forewings. The female also has two black spots on each forewing. The underside of each wing is a pale greenish and serves as excellent camouflage when at rest.
This female has eyes as psychadelic as the eyes of the orange tip.
The large white butterfly's habitat consists of large, open spaces, as well as farms and vegetable gardens, because of the availability of its food source. Some favoured locations include walls, fences, tree trunks... They primarily hover around these locations, which should contain both wild and cultivated crucifer, as well as oil-seed rape. It is still considered a pest in some European countries, in China, India, Nepal, and Russia.
Two generations of butterflies are produced each year, sometimes, a third brood can be observed farther along in the summer if the weather is warm enough.

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