mercredi 18 octobre 2017

Tree tears

resin drops from a conifer trunk

Drops of resin on the trunk of a conifer in the Black Mountain.
Sap and resin are often considered similar. Though they come from the trees, sap and resin show many differences between them. Sap is found in the xylem and phloem cells in trees. The xylem sap mainly consists of water-mineral elements, hormones, and other nutrients. The phloem sap consists mainly of water, hormones, sugar, and other minerals. Resin is a liquid which is stored in the resin ducts of trees. When a tree is cut or when a branch is cut, resin oozes out and clogs the broken area just like the blood clotting in wounds.

Resins have been in use for thousands of years for sealing boats, food containers, in the manufacture of many things like inks, lacquer, varnish, jewelry, sweets and perfumes. Nowadays, synthetic resin is widely used in many products.

resin drops from a conifer trunk

More trees of the Sant valley

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