lundi 30 novembre 2015

Activities proposed during your holidays

  "In every walk with Nature, one receives far more than he seeks" John Muir

1-     Forest trails

Biodiversity in a mixed forest of the Central Massif

       Guardian Trees

        Mosses & lichens


        Miscellaneous plants

        Mushrooms (Autumn holidays)

Our farm and forest in the valley of the creek Le Sant.
The cottage is 300 m downstream
2-       Geology trails

        Black Mountain and its rocks

        Metamorphic rocks trail

        Karst trail

        Granite trails (Lampy & Sidobre)

3-       Astronomy evenings

        From the Earth to the Moon

        Wonderful solar system

        Billions of stars

        Infinite galaxies

       Star-night national event:  weekend end July-beginning August, one subject per year
      ex :
     7, 8 and 9/8/2015: climat and atmosphere of planets
     5, 6, 7, 8 and 9/8/2016: distances in the Universe and comets
    28, 29 and 30/7/2017: exoplanets suitable for life
"look deep into Nature, and then you will understand everything better"
Albert Einstein
4-       Local History, Occitany

Albigensian crusade (Cathar)

History of fortified sites and castra

Albi and Castres cities

Jean Jaures

Black Mountain WWII maquis

Occitan, language of the troubadours

 Ruins of the Castle of Lastours
5-       Introduction to viticulture & oenology

Gaillac wines

French vineyards and wines

European vineyards and wines

World vineyards and wines

6-       Introduction to photography

Shooting & printing in black and white argentic photography

       Shooting and digital treatment


7-        Introduction to bow and crossbow

8-        Introduction to medieval fencing

9-   Mountain bike trails

      1 MB for children, 1MB  for teenager, 1 MB for adult,  to borrow

      - La Capelette

      - Le Pas du Sant

      - Contrast

10- Hiking trails

      Le tour du Cerf (easy)

      Le moulin foulon (very easy)

      Le balcon du haut Sant (easy)

      La Capelette (easy)

      Contrast (easy)

Creek trail

Some more difficult trails are also available for trained teenagers and adults.    
For all forest, geological and hiking trails, hiking shoes are needed.
For the Creek trail, plastic boots are needed. 

11- Restauration of old objects and furniture

12- Pyrography


Note about pictures:
I am shooting most of the pictures posted on this blog, otherwise the name of the author is always mentioned.
They are shot with two Sony cameras (Cyber-shot G or Cyber-shot Rx100III).
They are on-the-spot and subject neither to any change of the nature around nor to treatment with Photoshop except for some of them which have been cropped.  When pictures modified with Photoshop are posted it will be mentioned.

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