samedi 28 novembre 2015

Back into business

For many reasons I like flea markets. My mother taught me that every object has it's story to tell, even if many are no more useful. With some patience and a bit of luck, you can find a small treasure in every flea market. In addition I hate waste and like restoration of broken objects in order to use them back, for their initial purpose or for something else.

To begin with an example, here is a nice couple of brushes in olive wood I found in Saint-Paul Cap de Joux, a famous flea market between the cities of Castres and Lavaur.

Photo La Dépêche du midi

As you can see in the before & after pictures, after cleaning them and with a drop of olive oil these two brushes are good as new. I do not intend to change the cat’s moustaches and straighten them. He is funnier like this. 

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