vendredi 15 janvier 2016

Life finds its way

Even if we have had few rains those last months, the fruits of autumn are germinating thanks to the microclimate allowed by the creek in the valley.
 Acorn from Quercus petraea

 Walnut from Castanea sativa

 Fruit from Aesculus hippocastanum

Life finds a way!

Even more wonderful, this tiny seed will develop into the bigger living on earth, the Sequoia sempervirens, 20 000 times taller. They are not present here already but I plan to sow one.

Cone and seed from Sequoia sempervirens

More trees of the Sant valley

2 commentaires:

  1. We can see the intimate moment of the birth of a hundred years old oak tree. Yes, actually we should check it after hundred years, too...

  2. Yes, let's give an appointment for this to our great-grandchildren! This is the way of thinking my father had as all forest rangers. But I am afraid those pictured here may find it difficult at a point in time because they are just on the soil. I identified some of them to go on with my observations and let you know on the blog if at least they manage to root.