mercredi 17 août 2016

Eagle's nest

On the slope of the Black Mountain, after the village of Dourgne I already mentioned, is situated another nice village, Sorèze, built around its former old Abbey which has been successively a Royal Military college, an Imperial Military college, and now Dom Robert Museum.
On the right hand side (nr 25), excellent restaurant

But between the first settlements during the Palaeolithic and the 12th Century AD, the village was not settled at the bottom but on top of the mountain, in a place named Berniquaut, where ruins of the castrum are still visible nowadays.

Due to this long period of human occupation and to the nice scenery as well the walk up to the top is an effort that you should not regret.

On the right hand the Paleolitic caves, on the left hand the village of Durfort (Copper city) and on the horizon the Saint Ferreol Lake.

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