samedi 5 décembre 2015

Eight centuries ago

Destroyed in 1212 by Simon de Montfort during the Albigensian Crusade (Cathar Crusade) relics of the castle are still visible on top of one of the Black Mountain peaks  (southern part of the French Massif Central). Between rocks and pine trees the foundations of the keep and houses and fortifications are there to be discovered.

The castle, situated between two other castra, Bernicaut (on the mountain close to Sorèze) and Hautpoul (on the mountain close to Mazamet), provided a strategic overview of the plain from Revel to Castres.


On top can still be seen the foundations of the keep, directly built on the rocks.
On the Northern side, in defense of the weak point (a plateau), a ditch and long defensive walls together with a big house with arrowslit.
As in the case of Château Gaillard (Normandy), the castrum may have been conquered with siege engines settled on the plateau.
In the middle of the vestiges, two caves are still visible above the keep, one of them may have been used as latrine.


Much remains to be seen and discovered about the history of Contrast.

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