lundi 7 décembre 2015

Thanks to Philippe le Bel, King of France

Close to the cottage, is situated the village of Dourgne, of which the bell tower can be seen on next picture, behind the bell tower of Sainte Scolastique abbey.

This nice little village, so quiet today, had a rather tormented history: it was destroyed by the army of Simon de Montfort in 1212, during the Cathar crusade and rebuilding it was forbidden.

Quite one century later, in 1301, the villagers took the occasion of the venue of the king of France, Philippe IV Le Bel, in the nearby Abbey of Sorèze. They went to ask him the authorization to rebuild the village, which he accepted.
The story says that to please the king, a group of the most beautiful girls and boys of Dourgne came with branches of rosemary, symbol of youth. Since more than 700 years, this event is celebrated by the Rosemary feast every February.
Nice moment for people around and for visitors to see a medieval fair.

It is one of the oldest feasts in North Languedoc.

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