lundi 28 décembre 2015

My father’s city I like so much

Close to our Black Mountain, is the nice city of Castres.

From its tormented history (Visigoths invasion, Albigensian crusade, French Wars of religion…) remains are still visible, like those colourful houses on the river Agoût side.
During the 17th century, those houses were owned by weavers, dyers and tanners working on wool, leather and paper.

Close to those houses, on the riverside: the cinema Le Lido, a nice Art Deco building.

In this cinema, in 1967, I saw my first film. My father had the good idea to go with me to see a Disney picture, The Jungle Book. Do you remember Bagheera, Baloo the bear and Louie the King monkey?

Indeed, it is in the same cinema that we went last week with our (already adult) children to see the last Star Wars. Disney again.

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