vendredi 5 février 2016

My granny’s goat in Notre-Dame de Paris

That goat was called Poupée (Doll in French). It was a pretty little goat, with long white hair and black spots. From his neighbouring monastery, Dom Robert used to visit our farm to draw our goats, chickens, hens, butterflies and plants in the mountains. He elected Poupée for one of his tapestries, Plein Champ (1970).
As goats are always moving when eating outside, the artist asked my grand-mother Rose to hold her while he made his sketches.
In the framework of the international climate conference (COP 21) that took place last December in Paris, six tapestries of Dom Robert were presented in Notre-Dame cathedral, as an "Ode to Creation". Poupée was part of the show.
E. Driessen©
In this picture dated 1969, Poupée can be seen leading the flock. Dom Robert decided to paint its ears in white while their true colour was black like a small devil.
And during these weeks spent in the beautiful cathedral, when the tourists had deserted the place at night, I believe that the soul of my grand-mother with Poupée went dreaming with Esmeralda and her goat Djali who have been living there for centuries.
“The girl at length paused, panting with her exertions, and the people applauded with enthusiasm. " Djali !" said the Bohemian, and up started a pretty little white goat, a nimble, lively, glossy creature, with gilt horns, gilt hoofs, and a gilt collar, which Gringoire had not yet perceived, and which had, till then, been lying at the corner of the carpet watching her mistress dance.”
Victor Hugo (1802-1885) the Hunchback of Notre Dame

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